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Mark Ruffalo and Ramy Youssef support campaign "My Voice, My Choice for Safe and Accessible Abortion"

Oscar nominee Mark Ruffalo and American actor Ramy Youssef dedicated a moment at this year's film awards ceremony to support the campaign for safe and accessible abortion in Europe "My voice, my choice". Ruffalo commented about it on his Instagram profile:

"Tonight at the Oscars, I stand with the women of my @myvoicemychoiceorg, who use this “finger heart” to champion the RIGHT TO CHOOSE.

The issue of reproductive rights reminds me of Poor Things. To quote from the film: “It is your body, Bella Baxter. Yours to give freely.” But the Far Right opposes this powerful message. In the US & EU alone, they’ve cut tens of millions of women from essential abortion rights.

So it was inspiring to see how women in Europe are already using the “heart finger” to express love for women’s rights at the ballot box. This symbol is meant to be a beautiful reminder that, like those 2 fingers, when we unite in solidarity across divides, we become the beating center of humanity’s heart. And voting is the lifeblood that keeps that heart strong.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the heart symbol forms a ‘V’—for VOTE. Voting protects those the globally coordinated Far Right victimizes: women & children, democracy & our planet.

So, in 2024, let’s spread this symbol and use our votes to protect women & ALL LIFE!"


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