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We came together from all over Europe to demand a better, more equal and just Europe for all.


We want everyone in the EU to be able to have access to safe abortion care, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Our demands are simple but impactful:

More than 20 million women across the EU do not have access to safe abortion care. This not only puts women at risk of physical harm but also puts undue economic and mental stress on women and families who are often on the margins of society that can afford it the least.

To change this we have submitted a European Citizens’ Initiative demanding that the EU does what is in its power to ensure safe and accessible abortion for all. We are demanding that the EU passes legislation that would create a financial mechanism that helps Member States that voluntarily join this policy to provide safe abortion care for all those who don’t have access to it.


8th of March (Slovenia)

Ogólnopolski Strajk Kobiet

(Polish Women's strike)

Wschod (Poland)

The Finnish Women's

Association Unioni

The National Women's

Council of Ireland

Abortion Rights

Campaign (Ireland)

Collective of French

activist and NGO's

Collective of Spanish

activist and NGO's

#aufstehn (Austria)

We are a movement of friends, activists and individuals from all walks of life, of all genders and different age groups who joined together with a wish to make Europe a better place.

Who are we?

Join us in building a Europe that guarantees freedom, equality, and justice for all.


  • - for women from countries that have almost complete bans on abortion, such as Poland or Malta,

  • - for women from countries where abortion is legal but not free, like Austria and Germany

  • - for women from countries where abortion is legal but not easily accessible, like Croatia and Italy,

  • - for women from marginalized communities without access to health insurance and safe abortion care in all EU member states.


We demand concrete changes that can influence the lives of millions across the EU. The European Parliament and the European Commission will have to vote on our initiative and decide if the EU will follow through with its promises to protect the right to abortion for all that still lack access for whichever reason that may be.


The EU must ensure access to safe abortion care: 

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