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We are a movement of friends, activists, and individuals from all walks of life, of all genders and different age groups joined together by our shared wish to make Europe a better place for all.



We are united across European borders, drawn together by a shared mission: ensuring access to safe abortion for all. The movement was started by 9 amazing organisations and coalitions from eight European countries that are already actively fighting for women’s rights on their national level and are now standing in solidarity with all women in Europe, urging action from the European Union. And because we believe real change is possible when people come together, we want to make this community even bigger. Join us!


8th of March (Slovenia)

Ogólnopolski Strajk Kobiet

(Polish Women's strike)

Wschod (Poland)

The Finnish Women's

Association Unioni

The National Women's

Council of Ireland

Collective of Croatia

activists and NGO's

Collective of French

activist and NGO's

Collective of Spanish

activist and NGO's

#aufstehn (Austria)

“Mi Voz, Mi Decision”
Spanish Movement

A new movement is growing in Spain. A movement that connects people all over the country, people, who want to protect fundamental rights, such as the right to abortion. For the people in Spain, abortion is one of the fundamental freedoms. The movement is advocating for inclusion of abortion rights in the Spanish Constitution, echoing the recent move in France and creating a powerful feminist movement to ensure free and accessible abortion in all EU member states.

The Finnish Women’s Association Unioni

The Finnish Women’s Association Unioni (Naisasialiitto Unioni ry) is a 130 years old feminist and antiracist non-governmental organisation. Unioni was formed in 1892 to advocate for women’s rights to vote and to access public education. 

Today, with over 2500 members, Unioni represents intersectional feminism concentrating on women’s rights. We work to change outdated laws, break harmful norms, and build a fierce feminist community in Finland. 

Unioni is best known for its campaign called OmaTahto2020: a citizens' initiative renewing the Finnish Abortion Act, to ensure a free and safe termination of pregnancy based on bodily self-determination.The coalition of civil society actors and activists that Unioni led collected over 50,000 signatures for the citizens' initiative in just one month.

Unioni is a member of NYTKIS ry, the Coalition of Finnish Women’s Associations, and thus a member of the European Women’s Lobby (EWL). Since 1904, Unioni has been an affiliate organisation of the International Alliance of Women.


Ogólnopolski Strajk Kobiet
(Polish Women's Strike)

Polish Women’s Strike was established in 2016 after the Polish National Assembly made abortion even more inaccessible, and illegal in practically all cases. The Polish Women’s Strike started organising protests all over Poland in more than 200 cities and built a movement along the way. Protests grew in size, yet access to abortion was becoming more limited and the police brutality at protests more extreme. In 2023, Polish Women’s Strike was part of a nationwide campaign in which the topic of abortion was used to bring people out to vote. The Polish Women’s Strike was Poland’s chance to change their authoritarian, right-wing government.

The incredible, resilient women of this Polish movement were the ones who said, even though their government changed, that the My Voice, My Choice movement was the only hope for safe and accessible abortion for Polish women.



Wschod represents a young generation of activists in Poland determined to create a better future for all. It was founded by young Polish women, former members of Fridays for Future, who were ready to expand the message of their activism. They decided to fight not only for the environment but also against the erosion of reproductive rights in Poland.

If there’s one thing Wschod excels at, it is directly addressing key political actors. Wschod directly addressed the politicians regarding the fossil fuel industry and its connections to the Russian government, when Russia attacked Ukraine in 2021. Their campaigns are centered around what is important at a given time. In 2023, before the Polish election, they ran a Get Out The Vote campaign, visiting different cities with buses and organising workshops where young people discussed different ideas about environmentalism, feminism, and other issues. They joined the My Voice, My Choice movement to ensure better prospects for their generation in Europe.

National Women’s Council of Ireland

The National Women’s Council of Ireland is the leading national representative organisation for women and women’s groups in Ireland, founded in 1973. They have over 190 member groups and a large and growing community of individual supporters. They were one of the leading organisations during the Together for Yes campaign in 2018 which successfully legalised abortion in Ireland.

They led many campaigns regarding women’s rights in relation to domestic violence, mental health, access to abortion, and pension justice. 


“Ma Voix, Mon Choix”
Consortium in France

After introducing abortion into the French Constitution, the “Ma Voix, Mon Choix” consortium is the largest French feminist and lesbian group of national NGOs such as Planning Familial (Planned Parenthood), ~ Le Mouvement, Nous Toutes, l’Observatoire des Violences sexistes et sexuelles en Politique. The French section of the movement will be led by Alice Coffin, bringing together activists and organisations to ensure access to safe abortion throughout the EU.


#aufstehn is a digital-based progressive campaigning organisation based in Austria. It is made up of a community of over 365,000 members taking coordinated action across issues of social justice, human rights, climate justice and democracy. #aufstehn uses its collective power to shape the public discourse, hold decision makers accountable and change laws for the better.


Collective of Croatian activists and CSO's

A new coalition was formed in Croatia among some of the most visible human rights civil society organisations to protect reproductive rights and gender equality. The coalition includes CESI - Center for Education, Consulting and Research, RODA -  Parents in Action, Association Rainbow Families (Dugine obitelji), Domine, Solidarna Foundation and Pariter. The movement is supported by visible Croatian feminists such as Lana Bobić, Dunja Bonacci Skenderović and Daniela Drandić.

List of supporting organizations

Institute 8th of March

Institute 8th of March is one of the most impactful civil society organisations in Slovenia, established in 2016. The Institute 8th of March is not only known for its fights for women’s rights, worker’s rights, the environment, and social justice, but also for its approach to each of these topics - the Institute works with a focus on community building and connecting people. More visible campaigns of the Institute 8th of March were the Slovenian #metoo movement (#jaztudi), re-defining criminal offenses of rape and sexual violence based on the yes means yes consent model, the biggest Get Out The Vote campaign in Slovenian history, as well as two successful referendum campaigns; one for the protection of water, and one for removing political influence from the national public broadcaster.

Whether working on environmental or feminist issues, the Institute 8th of March uses storytelling and advocacy to address systemic gender and economic inequality. While creating their movements, they advocate for economic justice, democratic participation, and fundamental human rights.



  • Akto

  • Plataforma Portuguesa para os Direitos das Mulheres

  • UMAR - União Mullheres Alternativa e Resposta 

  • APMJ - Associação Portuguesa de Mulheres Juristas

  • OVO - Observatório Violência Obstétrica


  • Forum Apulum

  • Coalitia pentru egalitate de gen

    • Centrul Parteneriat pentru Egalitate – CPE

    • Asociația pentru Libertate și Egalitate de Gen (A.L.E.G.)

    • Societatea de Analize Feministe Ana

    • Asociația Front

    • Asociația E-Romnja

    • Centrul Filia

    • Centrul de Acțiune pentru Egalitate și Drepturile Omului (ACTEDO)

    • Asociația Plural

    • Centrul de Studii în Idei Politice (CeSIP)

    • Asociația Ema

    • Asociația Sexul versus Barza

    • Societatea de Educație Contraceptivă și Sexuală (SECS)

    • Asociația Iele-Sânziene

    • Asociația Moașelor Independente

    • Asociația A.R.T. Fusion


  • Možnosť voľby


  • Inštitut 8. marec

  • Konfederacija sindikatov javnega sektorja

  • Zveza svobodnih sindikatov Slovenije

  • Društvo ŠKUC

  • Smetumet

  • Društvo za nenasilno komunikacijo

  • Forum za enakopraven razvoj - FER

  • TransAkcija

  • Slovenska filantropija

  • Ljubljana Pride

  • Zavod Tri

  • Amnesty International Slovenija


  • Asociación de Mujeres por la Igualdad y la Visibilidad LesCoruña

  • Asociación Feminista Mercedes Machado

  • 8M Lavapies

  • Asociación de Investigación y Especialización sobre Temas Iberoamericanos (AIETI)

  • Associació Gender and LGBT Lab

  • Coordinadora de organizaciones de mujeres para la participación e igualdad (COMPI)

  • Rede Educativa de Apoio LGBTIQ+ de Galicia

  • Lunes Lilas

  • Fundació Surt

  • L'Associació Drets Sexuals i Reproductius

  • Red Ecofeminista Estatal 

  • Federación de Asociaciones de Mujeres Arena y Laurisilva

  • Campanya pel Dret a l'Avortament Lliure i Gratuït

  • Creación Positiva

  • ALTIHAY Fuerteventura Colectivo LGTBI+ y simpatizantes de Canarias

  • Asociación LGBTI* Diversas Canarias

  • Associació Hèlia

  • Avaaz

  • Secretaria Confederal de Mujeres, Igualdad y Condiciones de Trabajo de Ccoo

  • Sindicato Unión General de Trabajadores y Trabajadoras (UGT)

  • Consejo de la Juventud de España

  • Haurralde Fundazioa, Fundación Vasca en DDHH de las mujeres 

  • CooperAcció 

  • Metzineres 

  • Almena Cooperativa Feminista

  • Novembre Feminista (Ca La Dona)

  • Entrepueblos-Entrepobles-Entrepobos-Herriarte

  • Plataforma unitària contra les violències de gènere

  • Juventudes Socialistas Estatal

  • Barcelona en Comú

  • Izquierda Unida Estatal 

  • Podemos Estatal



  • Skiftet


  • European Women’s Lobby 

  • International Planned Parenthood Federation

  • Women on Web


  • Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy (CFFP) 

  • Campact

  • Terre des Femmes - Frauenrechte

  • RomnaiPhen

  • Bündnis für sexuelle Selbstbestimmung

  • Ciocia Basia

  • Doctors for Choice Germany


  • Women Act


  • aHang

  • Tanitanek


  • National Women Council

  • Abortion Rights Campaign

  • Doctors for Choice

  • Action for Choice

  • Together for Safety

  • AkiDwA

  • Irish Council for Civil Liberties

  • Southern Task-Force On Abortion & Reproductive Topics (START)

  • Union of Students in Ireland


  • AIED - Associazione Italiana per l'Educazione Demografia

  • #Ancheame

  • ARCI

  • Associazione DONNExSTRADA

  • Associazione LaMalafimmina

  • Associazione Luca Coscioni

  • Associazione Onde Rosa

  • Associazione RENA

  • BeFree Cooperativa Sociale

  • Casa Internazionale delle Donne

  • Eumans

  • IVG, ho abortito e sto benissimo

  • LAIGA (Libera Associazione Italiana Ginecologi per l’Applicazione della 194)

  • Obiezione Respinta

  • Period Think Tank

  • Prime Minister - Scuola di politica per giovani donne

  • Pro-choice rete italiana contraccezione e aborto

  • Strajk Kobiet Sardynia/Women Srike

  • Unione femminile nazionale



  • Sievietei Paveicās

  • Medical students for choice

  • Papardes zieds


  • Žmogaus teisinu/Human Rights Monitoring Institute

  • Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights

  • Center for Equality Advancement



  • Doctors for Choice (Malta)

  • Voice for choice

  • Men Against Violence

  • Women's Rights Foundation

  • Lawyers for Choice


  • The Feminist Club Amsterdam

  • SEEK Feminist Research to Response Network

  • Ava

  • DeGoedeZaak

  • Samen naar de Kliniek


  • Ogólnopolski Strajk Kobiet (Polish Women's strike)


  • Akcjia demokracjia

  • Fundacja Widzialne

  • Akcja Menstruacja

  • Fundacja nie będziesz szła sama

  • Aborcyjny Dream Team

  • Aborcja bez granic

  • Amnesty International Polska

  • Polish Women’s Strike Network (local women's strike organizations)


  • Sieć Obywatelska Watchdog

  • WKRW (coalition of 100 local organizations)

  • Komitet Obrony Demokracji

  • Kobiety w sieci

  • Czarny protest Bielsko-Biała

  • Kongres Kobiet

  • Toruńska Brygada Feministyczna

  • Centrum Praw Kobiet


  • #aufstehn

  • ≠igfem, Interessengemeinschaft feministischer Autorinnen

  • #AusPrinzip

  • Changes For Women

  • Pro Choice Austria

  • Frauen*Volksbegehren

  • Austrian National Youth Council

  • HOSI Wien

  • Österreichische Gesellschaft für Familienplanung

  • Aids Hilfe Wien


  • Abortion Right



  • LevFem

  • Bulgarian Fund for Women



  • Solidarna

  • Domine (Split)

  • "CESI - Centar za edukaciju, savjetovanje i istraživanje/CESI - Center for Education, Counselling and Research"

  • RODA - Roditelji u akciji 

  • PaRiter

  • Centar za građanske inicijative Poreč

  • Centar za mir, nenasilje i ljudska prava - Osijek

  • Udruga Sofija



  • Strategic Development at Center for Social Innovation - CSI

  • WICZ+ Foundation



  • Ciocia Czesia

  • Czech Women's Lobby



  • Canopy LAB

  • Danish Family Planning Association (DFPA)


  • Feministeerium


  • The Finnish Womeńs Association Unioni

  • Demarinaiset, Social democratic women

  • Ihmisoikeusliitto, The Finnish League for Human Rights

  • Kokoomusnaiset, The women’s wing of the National Coalition Party

  • Lääkärin sosiaalinen vastuu, Physicians for Social Responsibility – Finland (PSR Finland)

  • Naisjärjestöjen Keskusliitto, The National Council of Women of Finland

  • Solidaarisuus, International Solidarity Foundation

  • Suomen Akateemisten Naisten Liitto, Finnish Federation of Graduate Women

  • Svensk Ungdom, The Swedish Youth of Finland

  • Vasemmistonaiset, The Left Women in Finland

  • Vihreät naiset, Green Women’s Association

  • Väestöliitto, the Family Federation of Finland

  • Lääkäriliitto, The Finnish Medical Association (FMA),

  • Suomen Seksologiliitto, Finnish sexologist’s association

  • Fem-R, a feminist and anti-racist civil society organisation,

  • Kurdistan Diaspora Naisten liitto, Kurdish women’s union in Finland

  • Liikkeen naiset, (Women’s association of the Movement Now -party)

  • Loisto setlementti, Loisto settlement, a Finnish youth work NGO

  • Monika-naiset, Multicultural Women’s Association

  • Svenska Kvinnoförbundet, The Women's Organisation of the Swedish People's Party

  • Vapaaehtoisesti Lapsettomat Ry, Association of the voluntarily childless people

  • Vihreät nuoret, Federation of Green Youth and Students



  • Le Planning familial

  • Le Mouvement

  • Le Genie Lesbien

  • #Noustoutes

  • EuroCentralAsian Lesbian* Community

  • Les Dévalideuses


  • Observatoire des Violences sexuelles et sexistes en politique

  • Choisir la cause des femmes

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